The most beautiful Friday the 13th. This was the motto and theme of Soraia and Hugo’s Wedding. Fans of mysticism that surrounds Friday the 13th, made sure to celebrate one of the most important days of their lives exactly on September 13th… yes, a Friday.

The ceremony and the party took place at the amazing Quinta da Costeira where Soraia and Hugo made a point of breaking with the traditional protocol. First they welcomed the guests and then they went to prepare for the ceremony! Always very relaxed and cheerful, they made the most of the day. We can’t forget Mira, Soraia and Hugo’s four-legged companion who was present all day and even went to the ceremony.

In between, there were dozens of hugs, countless smiles, and lots of joy. Clearly, they surrounded themselves with the most important people who were there not only to witness the wedding but also to be part of the party. We leave you some pictures of a memorable day and if they tried to give a more beautiful sense to a Friday the 13th, so they did so. And nothing made more sense than to show you more of this day today, the 13th that it happens to be Friday.

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