How would you best describe your style?

We create photos and films that capture people's and places emotional attachments. We want to perpetuate each moment in memories crafted with love. All in an unobtrusive and honest approach.

In essence, we don't dictate or direct but instead observe to discreetly cover events as they happen. We photograph and film your day as it naturally unfolds, capturing real moments and creating a timeless record of your day.


How long have you been a wedding professional and how many weddings do you shoot each year?

We've been full-time wedding photographer's and videographer's since 2013, shooting between 20 and 25 weddings a year. We've documented weddings of most faiths and cultures and have worked in hundreds of different locations and venues, and across the globe!

Better Together

Do you only work as a team or do you do just photography or just film?

Capturing one of the biggest and best days of someone's life is no simple task. The decision of hiring a hybrid team or different vendors is really important. Balancing the relationship between two of the most important services of your day is not always easy. So it is very important that photographers and videographers know each other's routines and that their styles are similar. You will also be able to prevent monopolization of your time during the day by one or the other team, since management is integrated and everything will flow in a better way. If you only want to hire one of our services, take into account the style and way of working of the other photography or video team with whom we are going to work. We will also be happy to recommend you some colleagues with whom we like to work so that everything goes well on your day.

One vs Two

Should I add a second photographer/videographer?

Second team are ideal for weddings where there are more than 100 guests to ensure more consistent coverage of wedding guests is achieved. It's also useful to add a photographer/videographer when multiple locations are involved.

The wedding day

What are you going to film and photograph?

Will I see every moment?

We capture all the important steps of the day, according to our vision and without full/exhaustive coverage of any moment. If there is any special moment that you want to be captured/recorded in a more exhaustive way, you must give advance notice and may be subject to additional costs (ex. speeches, votes, ceremony film).

Do you do group photographs?

We photograph your day as it naturally unfolds, capturing real moments. But this creative option doesn’t automatically rule out the need for groups shots. This is a decision to take with the couple before the wedding day.

Do you do posed couple portraits and if so, when?

We don’t pose couples. Instead, we want these portraits to blend seamlessly with the documentary coverage. During the summer months, we take couples for a little walk later in the day during the golden hour, that magical light shortly before sunset. (around 20-25 minutes)

How many hours will you be with us?

We will be with you on the wedding day between 8 and 14 hours (consecutive / maximum). The start and end time will depend on the moments you like to see captured.

Is a meal necessary during the wedding day?

It will be necessary to guarantee the hot meal and drink at the Makemyday team's table, preferably in the same space where the party takes place to guarantee the recording of the most important moments. Not possible, as close as possible. The Makemyday team present at the event will stop for an hour. This break is usually made during the dinner of the bride and groom and guests.

Engagement session

Do you DO Engagement Shoots (aka Pre Wedding Shoots)?

Yes, we do. Roughly half our couples every year decide to add an Engagement Shoot to their wedding photography or film package. The aim of the Engagement Shoot is to allow us to get used to working together prior to the day but to also help couples overcome any fears they have of being in front of the camera.

The delivery

What do you deliver?

Delivery is made digitally in a private gallery for acess and download (available for 6 months). Possibility of delivery in Pen, at an additional cost.

What is the deadline?

60 days when is special offer in some packages.

Normal deadline: 6 months (for digital delivery. Does not apply to albums)


Can we make changes to the film?

We accept small suggestions that do not jeopardize our style and the final quality of the work. We believe that you will hire us already knowing and enjoying what we do and how we do it.

Can we choose the music for the movies?

The songs are chosen based on the mood and history of the film. In addition, due to legal copyright issues, this choice is at our discretion within what is presented in our portfolio. You can share a list of favorites on spotify or youtube to “inspire” us


Do you use drone (aerial video images)?

We have the possibility to capture aerial images. The registration of images is also dependent on authorization and weather conditions. Key moments of the day are not filmed, preferring to use the drone for some images the venues or surroundings where most of the event will be recorded. We do not charge any extra. The criterion for using the drone, as well as the images captured, is ours. If you want to shoot a special event or part of one, we can provide a quote.


Payment conditions?

Upon signing the contract, you must pay 30% of the total amount. Up to two months before the wedding, an additional 50% will be paid and the remaining 20% will be paid on the day we deliver the work(s) in digital version.

How can we reserve the date?

After a meeting (via Skype or in person), we deliver a contract and after signing the service, consider us as part of your wedding.

Do you charge travel and accommodation costs?

Travel and accommodation for the wedding day are included as long as they are included within a radius of 50km from Lisbon and Aveiro. All extra trips carried out by Makemyday, necessary for the execution of the service, outside this radius and not initially contemplated, will imply an increase of €0.40/KM, which will be paid upon final payment (on delivery of the contracted service).

Travel to pre or post wedding sessions will be budgeted separately.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, all prices include all taxes